What is Copy to Email?

Copy to Email is a feature that lets you send copies of your voicemails to your chosen email address.

The automatic Copy to Email function is only available for HulloMail Premium and Business users, this feature can be enabled/disabled in the Menu are of the HulloMail app.

Although, there is still a way you can copy your chosen voicemails to your email if you're a free user (and also if you're a paid user and just prefer this method).


Simple choose a voicemail you want to copy from the central message list and open it. Press the 'more options' icon at the bottom left to bring up the menu and the select 'Copy to my Email'.


Select a voicemail from the central message list and open it. Once in the message detail screen, press the button in the bottom left to copy the message to your email. You will get two pop up messages indicating that the message is copying and that copy to email is complete.

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