What Are Individual Greetings and How Do I Record One?

With individual greetings you are able to record a personal greeting for a specific person in your contact or number - a different greeting for each person! 


1. Select Menu -> Greetings -> Individual Greetings:

2. Click the '+' icon in the top right and choose a contact to record an individual greeting for:

3. Press the '+' icon to record a new greeting for your chosen contact or select an already recorded greeting:

4. Record your individual greeting, click 'Save' when complete and then name your individual greeting:

5. Your individual greeting is now set for your chosen contact. To check click 'Individual Greetings' again and you will see the name of your contact and the greeting that is set:


1. Select Menu -> Settings -> Greetings -> Individual Greetings:

2. Search for contact to record an individual greeting for or choose one already listed:

3. Record your individual greeting and click the save button:

4. Your individual greeting will then be uploaded and set for your chosen contact:

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