How Do I Record a Personal Greeting?

You can change your personal greeting from within the HulloMail app.


1. Select Menu -> Greetings

Here will be your list of greetings, the first 2 are system provided greetings, and any remaining are your recorded greetings:

2. You can create a new recorded greeting by pressing the top right '+' button, or you can edit an existing greeting by swiping left on a greeting which will reveal more options. Don't worry if you get stage freight, you can re-record and play the message as often as you like.

3. Once you are happy, press Save and name your new greeting.

You can choose whether to set your new greeting as default - your active greeting is indicated by an orange tick.

To delete a greeting swipe left on the greeting you want to delete and click 'delete'.

Please Note: If you are experiencing problems playing back or saving greetings, pease check you iPhone Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone, ensure HulloMail is enabled. Or click 'OK' when HulloMail requests access to your microphone.


1. Select Menu -> Settings -> Greetings

2. Click 'Record a personal Greeting' then record and save your greeting.

3. Your greeting will then upload and be set to active greeting.

4. Press 'Active Greeting' to choose between your personal greeting and the default greeting.

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