What is Out of Office?

Out of Office is a feature available for Pro subscribers that allows you to set a certain greeting to be played when you are unavailable to take a call, such as when you are not in the office, at weekends or if you’re in a meeting.


To get to the Out of Office feature please select; Menu -> Greetings -> Out of Office.

Note: All illustrations are iPhone, please bear in mind it's the same for Android.

There are 2 different options available for Out of Office, manual and scheduled.

Manual will play your Out of Office greeting when the switch is ON and you click Save:

If you turn on the Scheduled option, you can set a time for when you want the Out of Office greeting to be played. You can also choose days where your Out of Office greeting will play all day:

To select which greeting you want for your Out of Office greeting or to record a new one please do the following:
1. Current Greeting -> '+'

2. Record the greeting

3. Save

4. Set a name for your Greeting

5. Save

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