What is Out of Office?

Out of Office is a feature only available for PRO subscribers that allows you to set a certain greeting to be played when you are unavailable to take a call, such as when you are not in the office, at weekends or if you’re in a meeting.


To get to the Out of Office feature please select; Menu -> Greetings -> Out of Office.

There are 2 different options available for Out of Office, manual and scheduled.

Manual option:

Your Out of Office greeting will be played at all times when enabled.

Scheduled option:

You can set a time for when you want the Out of Office greeting to be played. You can also choose days where your Out of Office greeting will play all day.

How to set the Out of Office active greeting:

To select which greeting you want played as your Out of Office greeting, you'll just need to do the following:

  1. Open the Hullomail app
  2. Go to Menu -> Greetings -> Out of Office
  3. Tap on the current Greeting
  4. Tap on a greeting from the list to make it the active Out of Office greeting

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