Blocking nuisance overseas calls

Please help, I have been blocking some nuisance calls from West Africa on my iPhone 11, these have becoming more frequent and I have noticed that HULLOMAIL was answering these calls I’ve checked through the app and couldn’t find anywhere to block these calls. I read that I need to upgrade to do so!, but on further investigation I’ve seen that other members of the app (who have the upgraded account) still cannot block these calls Can you help me to block the calls or it looks like I will have to get rid of the app.
Hi Paul

Thank you for contacting support.
As previously mentioned via your support ticket, there are 2 forms of call blocking.

1. Call blocking feature on your phone (everyone should already have the ability to do this on their phones) - This basically just automatically rejects calls.

2. Our HulloMail Voicemail call blocking feature - Remember we only handle the 'voicemail' portion of a call, so this means callers who are diverted will come to us, you can block these numbers from leaving you a voicemail, however this is a Pro subscription feature, so you must upgrade in order to do this.
The option to block calls can be found in the HulloMail app > Menu > Blocked Callers - You can manually enter the number to be blocked here.

Kind regards,

thumbtel Support

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