Voicemail message isn't going to default msg for callers

On Hullo Mail. My default greeting isn't working when some people call. Instead it simply goes to a greeting that states. "The person you are trying to reach is not available" It seems to work for some, but not for everyone and when I was out of town, my custom message directing clients to call my office for immediate assistance were not being recieved. This is a major problem. Karl

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Hi Karl,

I have to say, i've never heard this problem before, are you still receiving the actual messages despite the greeting thats played back?

Without being able to look into your account, i can't tell if there might be a configuration which you may have enabled which could explain the behaviour. Can you please contact us via email on contactus@thumbtel.com with your registered phone number and we'll be able to look into this further.

Kind regards,

Thumbtel Support

How do i activate hullomail

Hi Mark,

We've just replied to your email support request and personal forum thread. Please consult via the email support thread to avoid conversing in multiple places.

Kind regards,

Thumbtel Support

I have same issue with default vm

Hi Mickey,

We've received your email support request and just replied asking for more details so that we can investigate further for you.

Please respond via email and we'll take it from there.

Kind regards,
Thumbtel Support

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