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Is it possible to change my another number phone number ?

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Hi Gavin,

Thank you for contacting support.

We usually do not allow changing the assigned number to prevent abuse of our numbers on the Individual subscription service.

Can we ask why you want this number changed? We may have plans to support this in the future for our individual Lite/Standard users, however this is still to be decided upon.

Alternatively, if you're on our 'Another Number Teams' (find out more here:, you can buy and then re-assign new numbers. To do this, please sign up to Another Number Teams, you'll then need to transfer in your existing number into the team, then you can delete and buy a new number to assign whenever you want to change it.

Kind regards,


Unfortunately that number my ex wife has and I do not want any contact from her , sorry for the inconvenience

Hi again,

Please send us an email at with your number, we may be able to help with a solution.

Kind regards,


I have been reassigned an old number I used before. Can I have this changed? I really only signed up for an used number.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks, we've responded to your email with the same response as above in the thread, please reply to the email if you need further assistance.

Kind regards,


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