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How do i set up my hullumail account When you call my number it says my voicemail hasnt been set up
Thanks for contacting support.

We've just replied to your email support with the following:

We can see you've selected Verizon(TDMA) carrier on the account. However, we can see you're using a sim called HOME? It's not one of our supported carriers but looks like it's running on the AT&T network... can you please try the following steps to see if it works:
1. Reboot your phone
2. Turn off Wifi Calling/VoLTE
3. Open the HulloMail app
4. Goto Menu > Account > Phone
5. Change your Network Carrier to AT&T and save it - This will automatically try setting up your call forwarding rules

To test, use another phone and call your personal phone, then reject that call and ensure it gets forwarded to the HulloMail Voicemail deposit service.

Please reply to the support email if you require any further help.

Kind regards,

Thumbtel Support

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