Unknown number sent

New account with 1 allocated number used a second I m on O2 network and when calling a recipient mobiles number a number appears that I do not have it have allocated to me, neither is it a number I have used or have stored on my phone. . On investigation it appears to be a EE number ?? I am really concerned As my company deals with very confidential matters and can not afford to have a data breach etc. .. When calling a landline the number shown is my allocated number from thumbtel I have suspended my operations pending this urgent issue I have received a msg from here saying i would get help with 24 hours I can not afford to wait 24 hours in regards to this Any please ? Thank you


We've just replied to your support email, this sounds like an isolated issue with the number you're dialling, we think there could be a special setup on that recipient number which is causing the unknown EE number to show up as the callers number.

Please reply to the support email with the details we require so that we can investigate further.


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