AT&T USA / LG Velvet "Invalid MMI"

 Hello (or Hullo) - moved to a new phone today LG Velvet 5G US version, all was fine on my previous phone, LG V30 on AT&T USA, but when activating on this phone I get this message: "Call forwarding connection problem or invalid MMI code". Can you help?

Thanks! Brian

Hi Brian,

Thanks for contacting support.

Has anything on your AT&T sim changed? Such as starting a new contract, change of plan or anything like that?

If not, there is no need to run activation again. Simply insert the same AT&T SIM into your new LG Velvet phone, install the Hullomail app and login again.

To check if your voicemails are coming through, please use another phone and call your personal phone, then reject that call and ensure it gets forwarded to the HulloMail Voicemail deposit service, then check the message comes through via the Hullomail app on your new phone.

If this fails, then indeed it needs reactivating, which you can do with the following steps:
1. Reboot your phone

2. Ensure WiFi Calling is disabled on your phone

3. Open the Hullomail app

4. Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Voicemail activation

5. Tap 'Activate voicemail' - This will try setup the call forwarding rules again

Then perform another test call again to ensure it now diverts to Hullomail Voicemail.

Please let us know how you get along.

Kind regards,


Hello - I never did try a test call, I figured with the "Invalid" message it was not going to forward, but I called myself this AM and all is indeed well. Thanks!

Hi Brian,

Excellent, thanks for letting us know it's working. All the best!

Kind regards,

Hi good day ,just got my new LG velvet 5g, but the problem is after inserting my SIM ,after the first MMI pin goes through ,the rest codes will be denied. It's just like Brian's own but mine is only on MMI CODES

Hi Acheampong, can you send us an email to with your phone number so that we can look into this for you? I'd avoid posting your phone number on the forum.

Kind regards,

Thumbtel Support

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